Our Club's Annual Exhibition is held over two weekends in June.  The public is welcome to come along and watch some demonstrations of Lapidary and Silver work; view displays of members' work; purchase stones and have the kids get involved in lucky dips, treasure hunts and making beaded jewellery.

Dates: 22nd/23rd and 29th/30th June 2019

Times: 10am to 4:30pm

Admission: Adults $2.00 and Children 0.50c

Food and drinks are available for purchase.

Exhibition Information

The Club stages an annual exhibition of members work and other specific displays of minerals, fossils, cut and polished stones and jewellery on two weekends at the clubrooms each year in the month of June. Members of the public, in particular, are invited to attend this event.

This is one of the highlights of the year for the club and provides an opportunity for members of the public to purchase rocks, minerals, crystals, fossils, cut and polished stones, and jewellery items at very reasonable prices.

Dozens of brilliantly lit show cases are used to display members' work, which include rocks, cut and polished stones, faceted gemstones, items of jewellery, minerals, crystals, enamelled items, opal, carvings and fossils. Items from all corners of the world are on display, many available to be purchased. Lucky dips and some free rocks are available for the children.

Over the two weekends the Clubs workshops operate with members demonstraing the Clubs activities. The exhibition provides an excellent opportunity for prospective members to have a look at the Club facilities and to see the end result of the work undertaken by members.

We look forward to seeing you here next June.