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Call us on 0439 216 660
Call us on 0439 216 660
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General Meetings
Join  us for general meetings to discuss the direction of the club and things  that you would like to see more of when it comes to rock and mineral  workshops, rock hunts, etc. We love hearing from our rock club members  and aim to be one of the top clubs in the region - something that’s only  possible with our rock lovers’ input.
Committee Meetings
If  you are a member of the committee, would like to be a member of the  committee in the future, or have something you would like considered at a  committee meeting, this is the perfect place to start. Ask our team  about committee meetings and how you can get involved.
Geology Group

This meeting is open only to WA Lapidary Club members and ALL members most welcome.
On the THIRD Thursday of the month at 19:00 they stagger into the hall with their "Brag stone" of the month. This stone musy begin with the designated letter of the alphabet (so "C" mean bring your samples of Cuprobismutite, Cuprocopiapite, Cuproiridsite, Cuprorhodsite, Cuproroméite, Cuprotungstite or Curite) to show and tell the group. This makes it most interesting as the letter of the alphabet is applied quite liberally so Coal can get into the list!!!!

Very interesting and informative night indeed.
Members can request a copy of the Rules of Association and Bylaws by clicking this link:
You must be a financial member to receive a copy:

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