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Call us on 0439 216 660
Call us on 0439 216 660
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Lapidary Room

This room is where the budding Lapidarists learn their trade.
It  is equiped with not only the right tools, saws, grinding wheels and lap  discs but has experienced Supervisors to assist and guide you through  the basic lapidary course the Club conducts. Once you have completed the  course you are issued with a certificate and you can the embark on your  own projects as many members do. However, the Club members are always  there to answer questions and give you the benefits of their experience  so you are never left wondering "how do I get this piece just right".

The  Lapidary course costs $20 and you can take as long as you need to  complete the course. Workshop fee is just $6 per session (usually about 3  hours) and that covers all consumables like diamond discs, grinding  papers, water and electricity. Have a look at the images on this page to  see just what some of our members have completed.
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