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Call us on 0439 216 660
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Glass Room

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep." —Scott Adams

The medium of glass is available for you to explore and learn about in the Glass Workshop.
Our  Glass Fusing Beginners course guides you through the key skills and  techniques to cut, design and fuse glass into a range of different  items.  At the completion of the course, you will have all of the essentials to move onto your own glass artistry work.
We have a range of kilns available in our Glass Workshop, supporting a range of firing schedules.  
When working with glass, the ideas and possibilities are endless.  In our glass fusing work we use a special coefficient of glass, COE96, which reacts in some predictable ways.

Our kilns fire to more than 900° Celsius, and it is the kiln that has the final say in any finished product.  As  glass artists, we learn how to predict what the glass will do in the  kiln through trial and error, and knowledge about the physical  properties of the glass that we use.  
In  addition, we have the facilities to support you in leadlight and copper  foil work (including a range of beautiful old glass for leadlight  projects), and also in glass torchwork to create your own unique glass  beads.

Each week we learn from each other and inspire each other to try new techniques and grow our skills.  If glass is of interest to you, why not come and say hello and try out our Glass Fusing Beginners course for yourself..
       These images are just the tip of the  iceberg as far as the creativity of the Glassroom participants. Come  along and see for yourself.       
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