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Call us on 0439 216 660
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Frequently Asked Questions
We hope we answer your questions here. If not, please contact us at enquiries@walapidaryclub.org.au and we'll reply as soon as one of our volunteers is available.

After reading the FAQ's you are most welsome to come along to the club rooms and meet with one of our Supervisors who can show you around and sign you up as a member should you want to join and tackle your own rock/glass/beading/art metal projects.

All new members receive a booklet detailling exactly what being a member entitles them too.
How long does it take to complete a workshop course?

It depends on the course you choose, what previous skills and experience you have, how often you attend, and your ability to learn new skills. Most courses take around eight sessions to complete.
What safety equipment do I need to supply?

The safety equipment needed depends on the activity undertaken. The supervisor for that activity will advise you of any safety equipment required. You MUST wear covered in shoes in ALL workshops. It is recommended that you have a good apron either material or a water proof material to protect your clothes. In the Lapidary workshop, you will need a good set of Hearing Protection as noise levels can reach 93/95 Dba when all machinery is in operation. Safety glasses are required to be worn when using machinery.
Can someone cut and polish some rocks for me or set a gemstone for me?

As we are a Not-for-profit Association, members aren’t permitted to use the club facilities for paid work. Members may use the clubs workshops to cut and polish their own work.
Where can I get help on identifying rocks and minerals? I would like to learn more about rocks and minerals. Do you have any way I can do that?

All members are welcome to join our mineral group that meets on the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm which gives people a chance to learn about rocks, minerals and fossils. The club has many members willing to share their knowledge and experience in fossicking, prospecting, mining, geology, and related disciplines. The club also has one of the best rock and mineral collections in WA for reference, its own library, and an extensive network of related resources.
Do The Workshops Operate On Public Holidays?

Although the club and its workshops aren’t open on public holidays, other external club activities may still occur. These will be advertised through the club magazine or email.
Does the club hold school holiday activities for children?

The club doesn’t have specific holiday activities for children. However, the club remains open during school holidays (with the exception of public holidays and a short break during the Xmas / New Year period).
Can I buy rocks and minerals from the club?

Our trading post shop can only sell to members, but we do have a couple of “Bring and Buy” days each year which are open to the public. There is also our major exhibition over two weekends in June each year which has sales to the public. These are all advertised on our Facebook page.
Do you need any licenses or permits to collect rocks & minerals?

Yes. For information regarding prospecting and Miner’s Rights please refer to this website.
How often does the club organise rock hunts?

Each year the club organises a number of day or weekend trips to locations near Perth, plus one major trip of approximately two weeks duration to more distant locations which has been traditional held around June/July each year. There are other one to two day activities throughout the year that are advertised on the notice board at the club.

What do the workshop courses involve?

Members wishing to use the club’s workshops must complete the required course for that workshop before commencing work on their own material. The courses teach how to use the workshop facilities safely and the skills required for working with a particular material. The club supplies all the material required for each course.
I Have A Rock Collection That I Would Like To Donate To The Club. Would The Club Be Interested In Taking It?

The club will gratefully consider any donations of rocks and minerals. Our donation policy is that two qualified club members would visit to assess the collection before making a commitment to take it. Please note that we cannot accept any hazardous materials such as asbestos. Our Curator will also assess the collection and any pieces that are found of rare or in better than we have condition will be added to the displays. Donation of material is always welcome as it helps build our data of rocks and minerals for the scientific knowledge base within the club for our members.

At what age can my child join the club?

Junior memberships start at 12 years of age.
Can I join the club without doing any workshop courses?

Yes. General membership is available but to access the workshops you need to do the required introductory courses if you wish to use the club’s lapidary, art metal or glass workshops.
Can I visit the club to see if I’m interested in joining?

Yes. Just turn up at any of the workshop times advertised on the website and the supervisor will give you a tour of the club.
I have a rock collection I want to sell. Does the club buy collections?

Being a volunteer based not-for-profit organisation, the club does not buy rock or mineral collections.
Where are the best places to go fossicking in WA?

As there are legal requirements for fossicking please refer to the Department of Minerals and Petroleum’s website.
The best way to learn about fossicking in WA is to participate in the club’s organized rock hunts. The club organizes trips to many of WA’s best fossicking locations and manages the necessary access permissions on behalf participating members. The club can also assist members in researching and planning their own rock hunts.
Do you need a four wheel drive to go rock hunting?

Many fossicking locations are accessible via two wheel drive; however, many can only be reached by four wheel drive. Being a club, members who own four wheel drive vehicles generally assist those who do not.

How do I go about cutting, polishing, displaying or setting rocks, minerals and gemstones?

Join our club and we will instruct you in the art of Lapidary, Art Metal, Beading and Glass. Any member who has completed the prerequisite workshop courses may use the club’s workshop facilities on the days listed.
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