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Call us on 0439 216 660
Call us on 0439 216 660
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Art Metal Room

The Art Metal Room has several strings to  its bow. As the name suggests all things Art Metal are taught and  practiced in this room.

Working with  metals to create art ranging from jewellery to cast objects and  everything inbetween. If you are at all interested then come along and  see for yourself just what this group does in this well equiped work  room.

This workshop boasts yet another line up of talented and  professional teachers and supervisors. Their expertise in all things Art  Metal is awesome. The newcomer is guided through a structured course  which introduces them to many facets of working with metal. The course  cost includes all materials so you can learn while you produce something  you can proudly show off.

The photo to the right  shows one of our students starting with a simple copper project and  learning the skills needed to tackle the more expenive metals

Once  you complete the course then you can choose your own projects (and  supply your own materials) but have the use of the well equipped  workshop and of course be able to chat and ask questions of the experts  around you.

The images below show how things just flow together to create such unqiue and beautiful items.

This  is not all the workshop does as the members experiment with many and  varied techniques to produce bespoke pieces. They also produce items  like the wedding rings for their children and grandchildren. The range  is limited only by your imagination.
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