To establish, maintain and conduct a Club of a scientific and educational character for the purpose of promoting and encouraging in a social and non-political nature:-

  1. The study of geology, petrology, mineralogy, gemmology and palaeontology.

  2. The search for, examination and collection of specimens of rocks, minerals, gemstones and fossils.

  3. The collection, recording and collation of scientific information and data (whether photographic film or other methods) to assist in the study and tuition of geology, mineralogy, gemmology and palaeontology.

  4. Public awareness of the sciences of geology, mineralogy, gemmology and palaeontology by the display of rock, mineral, gemstone and fossil specimens, photographs and films.

  5. The education and tuition of the best methods of:

    1. cutting, polishing and setting specimens,

    2. photographic techniques,

    3. the mounting and display of mineral and fossil material.

  6. The establishment of a museum collection of mineral, geological, gemmological, palaeontology and fossil specimens.